Christopher Cotten  


HAIR COLOUR: Brown / Short WEIGHT: 170 lb
HEIGHT: 6'1"



 Dir. Wei-Li Tu

 Mother Teresa’s Hiatus  Ex-Boyfriend   Dir. Abianne Prince
 Reclusion Matthew Dir. Andy McGowan
 Isn't She Lovely Tybalt Dir. Stephanie  Wowk
 The Little Matchstick Boy Young John Burkus Dir. Heather  Ferreira
 One Night Scott Dir. Caro Tamez
 Bangkok Heat Karate Man Dir. Lindsay Tolbert
 MOON Transmissions Music Video  Red Neck (Principal)  Dir. Robin Antiga
 Naked Science: Living in a Parallel  Universe   Every Man  (Principal)   Dir. Malcolm Clark;  NatGeo TV 
 Inside the Human Body  Running Man  (Principal)  Dir. Nat Sharman; The  BBC UK 
 Latin Pop Music Video Bass Player  (Supporting) MTV Latin;  Columbia Records
 RTE Music Show Drummer (Supporting) RTE Ireland (1  episode)
 Written By You Ensemble LE TEA Theatre,  New York, NY; THE  relevance GROUP
 The Little Rascals Alfalfa Central Lutheran  Theatre
 Peter Pan Peter Pan ISP Theatre
 BGB Studios - Los Angeles  James Eckhouse  Audition Workout
 BGB Stidios - Los Angeles  Risa Bramon Garcia  CSA,  DGA  Acting Technique  Workshop
 Private Voice Coaching - New York City Page Clements Dialect / Voice  Coach
 NEXUS Film - New York City Vince Capone On Set Stage  Combat & Stunt /  Fight  Coordination
 T. Schreiber Conservatory Program - New  York City - Peter Jensen Acting / Scene  Study
  - Carol Reynolds Body Dynamics &  Movement
  - Page Clements Voice & Speech
 T. Schreiber Studio - New York City  Peter Miner On Camera Studies  II
 Stella Adler - New York City Jon Korkes Scene Study
 Stella Adler - New York City William Hopkins On Camera Studies  I
 Stella Adler - New York City Antonio Merenda  Adler Technique I &  II
 ACCENTS (UK, Irish, French, Russian,  Southern USA); Sing Whistle very well,  Drummer, Percussion, Bass,  Guitar,  Trombone, Didgeridoo.  **VALID USA  PASSPORT**  Surf, Snowboard,  Snow Ski, Ice  Skate,  Tennis,  Basketball, Basball,  Golf, Rugby,  Soccer,  Football,  Kung-Fu,  Horsback  Riding,  Jump Rope
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