I was born as a US American Ex-Pat, before I could even be a Current Pat, in Saudi Arabia, and grew up mainly in France and England, as well as Brunei.

 My parents introduced me to acting as a child, by taking me to plays, and telling me about my Great Great Uncle, Joseph Cotten. After seeing plays, I was inspired to perform in school productions.

 I would watch film classics that my uncle was in, such as Citizen Kane and The Third Man, etc. I strive to be as great as he was.

 Later my face was sketched and used for the face of Tarzan in Disney's animated classic, Tarzan.

While living in NYC and working as a live Audio Engineer, I began to focus on acting after being booked on a national commercial.  I was then asked and booked to play a Bassist in a big budget music video for a Latin pop star on Latin MTV.

 I started taking acting seriously, and enrolled myself in workshops at Stella Adler Studios for a year. I then discovered T. Schreiber Studios, and took workshops before completing their conservatory program.

I began to audition, and started booking principle roles on TV shows such as BBC One's, "Inside The Human Body", National Geographic Channel's, "Naked Science: Living In A Parallel Universe", short films, and eventually features. I continue to book roles, work on Film projects, and take workshops.

I moved to Los Angeles to continue nurturing my craft, and fully pursue a career in TV and Film. I continue to study.


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